What May Be

June 19, 2014

I haven’t written in a very long time and I’m getting back into it. I’m feeling like I have a lot to say and a lot more now that I think about before I ever say it. Must be getting older! Someone told me that would happen. 

This is “What May Be”


What May Be

You have watched me bloom out,
My petals in the sun.
I waited for the day to shine
I saw my share of rain and dust.
Is it hard to believe that I have a dream in me?
I was made to give and grow.
From my roots that drink the rain to my sweet sunshine smile
I was made to dream.
In the deepest part of me
Where no one else can see I hold promises for tomorrow-
A field of joy
The table of a bride
A mother’s gift
A final goodbye
A get well token
A fragrant apology
All waiting in the core of me to be found.
You watched me bloom out
Held my head up high..made me believe. 
My roots run deep, drink in the earth, and taller I grow still.
Still inside, the essence of me, beyond the beauty of the blossoms and leaves, are the seeds.
My inner potential, my locked-away dreams.
There’s no telling what may be.
Some may never see the light of the sun or drink the rain.
Some will fall to the earth in vain…
But some will take root deep somewhere
And they will grow
And drink
And be warmed by the sun
While deep inside every one
Is the potential for more to be done.
These are the ever growing things
The life I am to give to this earth–
Is right now just a little seed.


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