Come Home

April 11, 2012

Someday I know you will come home
When I’m walking on the edge of the water
When I’m grinding my daily flour.
Someday I know you’ll come home
Because I can taste you in the air
I feel you with the wind as it lifts and spins my hair
I know you’ll come home.
Until you do, I carry you in a song I have sung since we’ve been apart.
Until you do, I pray for you in the holy space between every beat of my heart.
On the day you come home, I’ll be ready and waiting, with the scent you love floating in the air,
With the first flowers you gave me wrapped within my hair
Watching the sun dance on the hills,
Standing guard until the air chills.
When I see your form glide on the horizon under the wide, loving sky,
I will run with everything I have to meet you
And though it will be these thousand nights’ dreams coming true,
I will love your true sight even more,
Holding you, breathing you in like never before.
My heart has been heavy without your light,
But in these storms my love soars high like a kite.
I have found what I can never deny,
A soul, a life, to love for all time.


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