Remember Love

August 1, 2011

We learned to be uncomfortable with ourselves. We learned to question if we were allowed to be happy and we learned to accept less than respect. We learned that we deserve mistreatment and abuse. We learned to hate parts of or all of ourselves and perhaps to hate and mistreat others.
But remember…
Even though we learned all of these things, we CAN get back to love. We can get back the freedom of being uninhibited and loving ourselves EVERY day. We make mistakes but we aren’t less valuable. We make some bad decisions but we don’t deserve to be mistreated, abused, or abandoned. Don’t abandon yourself or the light and life buried beneath these lies and this hurt. We do know how to love. We forget because these tragedies overwhelm us. We aren’t powerless. We must stop the cycle now. We must accept and love ourselves today, unconditionally, and love others without reservations. Chances are, the people who taught us the lies are broken by someone or something else and need this love themselves. Remember love, and the result will be undeniable and unforgettable peace.


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