October 16, 2010

I saw the sun smile this morning when she woke from her sleep, filling the sky with color in the cold fall air. The gold stretched across and through the blues and stole my heart away. What could this be, this sight, a thousand wonders every morning? Factually, this is merely the spectrum of light unfolding. Factually, it is the everyday effect of the earth’s timely turning. To me, it’s not everything, but it lets me know that life is beautiful, in a simple, quiet, bright and beautiful way. To me, it’s not everything, but it’s something I could never replace. To me, it’s not everything, but I know that everything’s going to be alright. I can’t be the only one who has felt this way–who looks at the sunrise with still lips and wide eyes, taking in the golds into my own blue skies. I can’t be the only one whose mind, heart, body, and spirit are set on fire. All the things that these sights could have inspired! It is overwhelming–it is energizing. It’s a sunrise, a new beginning, and a reminder of second chances. It’s a memory of all the bright things in my life. It covers me in warmth like an embrace or the sound of laughter. To me, it’s beautiful, completely–and though I’m sure it’s not just me, you need to find your own. Find your own sunrise. Find something in this world that takes your breath away. Those things are the things that teach us what we hold closest to our hearts–the things we think about when we see something that lights up our faces and our lives. So go, find your own… waterfall, mountaintop, thunderstorm, wilderness, shoreline, roaring fire, sunrise.


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