On My Feet

September 29, 2010

It’s been while again, and while I didn’t mean for this to get intermittent, I guess you can say I’ve been busy “gathering material”. Life doesn’t stop so I can sit down and blog about it. It keeps going onward–and that’s one of the things I love about it.

I learn on my feet. Lately, whether you, dear reader, would call it a cake walk or a rat race, I’ve been on my feet. I’ve been running from appointment to appointment, internship to class, class to meeting, meeting to meeting to meeting, and then to classes again. Between all this, and in addition to this, somewhat of a social life and service to my campus, family life, work, and a little rest. I love it, I really do, because I feel like this is just a little taste of what “life beyond college” is like. “Life beyond college” doesn’t give us semester breaks or any such luxury. Sometimes we take a vacation, but the whole trick to balancing it all, or so I’m learning by my experiences and by the stories I’m hearing from others, is to find the joy of living in the every day parts of life. Whether I find time to stand still and take in the sunset and dance for a little while, or if I catch a glimpse of the colors of the sky on my way to class and get to sing with the radio and have a little moment of joy that way, I’ve got to enjoy where I’m at. People say these years are the time of my life. I’m beginning to believe them, in terms of what I’ve already experienced this semester and what I see on the horizon. I believe fully that every minute of stress is absolutely worthwhile because it’s positive stress–I can’t believe how much I’m learning, and I’m learning every day that I have so much more to learn. I learn on my feet, and I’m so happy, I’m dancing.Through the early mornings of my schedule and late-night study sessions, I’m growing and stretching in a way I don’t think anyone can easily take from me. I’m doing something worthwhile with the opportunities that are coming my way, and I’m 21. It’s the beginning of everything. It’s learning in the little moments how to be the woman I want to be, the woman God is creating in me, day by day.  I’m tired, but I’m happy, and I’m learning to manage this life with the grace and skill I’m going to need for years to come. Right now, I’m not the best at all this. No one’s pushing me to be perfect, though, and if they are, I’m not listening. I’ve jumped in, like I said I would, and landed on my feet. It’s just the beginning.


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