The Great Things

September 7, 2010

The good things in life, I have a little trouble explaining. How do I describe the tug on my heart that makes me smile? How do I explain why I keep going sometimes, except to shrug and smile and say “I’m going to keep going”?  How do I tell someone how to be happy, when I sometimes don’t know how I got happy? These are the good things…just the little everyday things that make me smile…watching people fall into their old routines after some time away, watching the season change. It’s a warm day, but I still feel autumn in the air. The little feeling of glee when I wake up in the morning or the sense of satisfaction I feel when I’m going to sleep at night after another wonderful day. These are just the little things… I’m sure that they could be overlooked. With their mystery, though, they’re there–those things that are difficult to explain. I think they change for everybody.

Still greater things remain…I feel like receiving a smile is so much better than giving one. Just seeing somebody else you care about SO happy–this is one of the great things. How do I explain that? It isn’t pride…most of the time I’ve got nothing to do with it, and what’s so awe-inspiring about me anyway? I’m just another happy human, drowning in joy to see others’ faces light up like a country sky at night. Delight is contagious. Catching somebody else’s euphoria is one of the greatest things. 

A greater thing remains—that thing in your heart that you can’t explain, that makes you do things you try to explain away but never could. It’s not always seen as rational, but it’s the greatest wisdom the world has ever known. It’s that tug on your soul that draws you into everything you’ve always wanted to be, and what you haven’t yet reached, you’re working on with all of your might. It’s that thing that shapes your character from the inside out with its consuming power, and outside in as your actions start to manifest themselves into your heart. Some say it blinds the heart, but when it’s real it never does…it makes you see something for everything it is, and you appreciate it with all of its factors–the positive, the negative, everything–because it is worth the investment. It is the most powerful, most wonderful thing we could ever know, as human beings, besides the God who created us and created this force. It is too beautiful for words, but countless words have been written about it. Grasp for it, be greedy and thirsty for it, and it will evade you. Like a child, treat it gently and carefully, but with full intention, and it grows into something even better, even stronger, even deeper and more beautiful. The greatest thing we have in this world is Love. The best thing you can do is to love others with no reservations.


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