Candle on my desk

September 2, 2010

I sit with a little candle on my desk, in a luminary by my side. It’s not that I need the light. I pay the electric company for all the light I want. I sit with the little candle just because I love its flame and shine. It gives me joy and the kind of light that this monitor can’t. It’s warm and just dances about, but it’s steady–it doesn’t shapeshift on me. It’s a candle. It’s what I want. It’s what it’s designed to be, and doing what it is created to do.

Am I such a light? Do I contently shine, with all my might, with all I’ve got, until I’m the brightest I can be? Am I lively and warm? Do I bring light and joy to others, just being me? Am I steady and reliable? Am I being everything I can be, with what I have and where I’m at? To some, I will be a source of light. To some, I am warmth, and to some, I am just joy. Whatever I am, though, has to be because it’s what I’ve been made to be. Whatever I am must be genuinely me.

I live with a little fire in my heart. It’s like a little candle that helps me get through the dark. It’s a bit of warmth of the midst of the cold I feel sometimes. It’s a little push to just keep being me, to just keep living life. It keeps me dancing. It’s a reminder that as long as I’m around, I’m allowed to shine. It’s a responsibility to share my light. It’s simple but it’s beautiful. It’s a joy to be alive.

Sometimes the wind blows and we need a set of hands to wrap around and shield us from the wind that would steal that fire away. Sometimes for a time our flames are out, but with a little breath, a little inspiration, the embers heat into a flame again. The fire burns on. Life is good when our outlook is bright.  When the storms cause all the other lights to fail, if I look around, I’ll find a candle to light. There’s always hope, even when the darkness is daunting–its spell is broken by just one light.

I sit with a little candle on my desk, in a luminary by my side…and sometimes, I see the world by candlelight.


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