Christ Glorifies

August 20, 2010

When no triumph reaches my thirsty tongue
After days and days of drought
or a letter left on my doorstep
leaves me with questions and doubts,
When every word I hear
seems to pierce me deep inside,
hitting a space hungry for comfort
or a heart that’s wrapped in lies,
Christ sanctifies.
Christ justifies.
Christ purifies
and Christ glorifies.
When my vain works come tumbling down and crack my prideful smiles into shameful frowns;
or when my soul cries out for mercy and grace
but the Judge never states my case;
When clouds of confusion roll through my eyes of blue
or my world is cold and broken, painted some gray hue;
when the heart I’ve tried to build so long crumbles in my hands
or I stand beneath a load of hurt like a fortress upon sand:

Christ heightens.
Christ strengthens.
Christ clarifies,
and Christ glorifies.
Christ cleanses,
Christ beckons,
Christ embraces,
and Christ glorifies.
No matter the cause of the fall, Christ is there to lift again.
No matter the length of the drop, Christ will lift on wings again.
No matter the magnitude of the break in the limb, Christ will hold me near.
No matter the pain suffered, through Christ I persevere.


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