July 28, 2010

Have you watched someone laugh?

The energy is incredible. The light in their eyes is undeniable. The person’s whole heart, for that one moment, is invested in laughing, in enjoyment of the moment so deep and rich you could wonder if they had ever had a better moment. It’s a moment that leaves the laughing person breathless from the action of laughing and the bystander breathless with wonder.

I want to be like that laughing person. Sometimes I am sure I am, and that’s good. Life is meant to be treasured like that. Life is meant to have my heart that invested, that I can drink in the sweetness of every moment. I can experience the entirety of life because I am not preoccupied with the past or the future. The future I am trusting will take care of itself, and the past is just beyond my shoulder, a memory I can call on if I wish, a former teacher with lessons that last and can be shared.

I want to be, also, like that bystander. I want to watch people react to life and appreciate what I see. The wonder of watching them should seize me. I want to be happy for the way they are handling life, the way they are carrying on.

“Vivacous” is a word I love. It begins with “life” and turns into an adjective, a descriptor, a qualifier. If I say a person is “vivacious”, I am saying they are steeped in life, that life pours through and from them, and that they are beautiful because of that.

I want to be vivacious.


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