Allegory From the Art Gallery

July 22, 2010

Imagine if an artist stood beside his painting in a gallery and tried to convince every visitor that it is beautiful. He would surely be a lunatic. Artists and art enthusiasts know that art stands on its own. It simply is. The beauty of art is subjective and has no need to be augmented by explanations.
So it is with us as people. How many of our hours and words are wasted in convincing others we are worthwhile or are good? We have no need to be augmented this way. As with art, we simply are. When others see the goodness in us, the praise will come. As with the artist, free from the burden of promotion, we now have time and talent to invest in being alive and enjoying beautiful things and doing things that bring more beauty.
What if the goodness of the art is never noticed by anyone but the artist? What if we spend our time doing great things but are not recognized, are not lauded? As with the art, the fact that we have been created, the creation itself bringing joy to the Creator, is praise and fulfillment enough. A work of art only painted and beheld by the artist is still serving its purpose. A story written and concealed only for the author’s reading is still a story. So are we. Our Creator gets so much joy from our very lives…our smiles, our progress, our very creation, from the moment we are born. We are a joy to Him. We are His. To Him, that is enough to be deemed precious and beautiful.

Truly yours and His,


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  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love it.

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