Some Cinderella

July 21, 2010

It seems everyone wants to save someone…
Whether I say so or not, so many of my actions are to save you
So many of my longings are to catch you
So many of my words waiting to be the phrase that would wake a better fate
As if I had that power.
Yet I am resistant to the tale of Cinderella
To the wearing of that dress and the way the story frames me
Damsel in distress, in that awful dress,
Waiting on a dream-life more fragile than the slipper
To come and deliver me from some family mess.
I hate it because I hate the way it paints me
As one badly needing salvation
and as feeling the only way out
is a royal marriage celebration–
what a royal pain I would be.
I’d work my hands raw to save you
and give you the beautiful life I see in my dreams
because I feel like, in time, all those things will come to me.
The only Cinderella I want to be is one seen as worth saving,
but one “Prince Charming” knows to let live
and lets life take its course with me.
I want him to walk life’s course with me.
In the end of the story I need someone to walk with,
to dream with, to adventure, fail, win, and be with,
not a half-lived dream
transformed by a glass slipper during afternoon tea.


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