Don’t Want to Look…so I Look Anyway?

October 11, 2009

When something good comes along, sometimes it becomes so frightening. You want to run away from it. You handle it with care, afraid it will break under one inquisitive touch, and you dare not even look at it because the weight of hope and joy that fills you could be enough to make it shatter.

Why do we do that? Why do the things that make us smile the most make us want to turn away, to hide, and to be so cautious? How come we can’t lift our eyes to look at the best things around us? Why do we become so afraid that beautiful things are going to end?

Sometimes I wonder if we’re really afraid of how wonderful things look or if we’re afraid of the unknown and how good things can be once we settle down and enjoy them. Are we afraid of the end of something that looks great that we’ve only felt the surface of, or are we really afraid of what we could be getting ourselves into?


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