October 4, 2009

How many times have I allowed fear to cheat me of the chances I’ve had to enjoy life and be happy?

Too many.

Life, I love you. Let me drink you in like the best drink, let me be intoxicated with hope and bright-eyed. Let me be dizzy with happiness at being alive. Let me be just a little unhinged, untied from the things that have robbed me of my joy. Let me speak lovingly and fearlessly. Let fear of man not be a snare unto me, (“Fear of man will prove to be a snare”- Proverbs 29:25a) but let me be the woman I am, unabashedly. Let me declare my friendships boldly and call truces to old wars. Let me douse the flames of hatred in sand and give air and life to the fires of passion. Make love my shield and mercy my weapon. Lord, this is my plea, that You would ignite the fires of life in me.

Lord, for what you are doing in me

I am deliriously thankful.


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